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    Weight Loss

    Very often, we resort to strict and demanding diets without even obtaining the
    desired results in the end.

    Most of the existing -and mainly used by nutritionists- programs are targeting
    fast weight loss without offering a permanent solution, and in the long run, we
    go back to our initial weight.

    Weight loss must come in steps through a special diet program that is
    specifically designed for each individual-organism separately. The proper
    weight -to each person- in addition to a beautiful body, also provides us with
    health and wellness.

    At Fitnessweek we provide you with a fully tailored nutritional program designed for you, your needs and lifestyle.

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    During pregnancy, your body changes to be able to cope with the right
    development of the fetus. Your diet should also adapt to that change and
    become rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, folic acid, proteins for the proper
    and healthy development and needs of the fetus to keep your body healthy and
    strong. At Fitnessweek we provide you with a complete and balanced
    alimentation. Even if you decide to breastfeed, your diet should be changed
    according to your new requirements, it must be rich in nutrients such as
    minerals, calcium, and vitamins.

    This will be a stressful period of your life; in many cases, most women are in a
    hurry to lose their pregnancy weight by resorting to effortless and fast diets
    without any long-lasting results. At Fitnessweek we will give you tips and
    indicate you the adequate nutrition so that you can easily and gradually
    lose your pregnancy weight and return to your initial weight.

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    Health Problems

    Fast pace lifestyle has greatly influenced the way we eat.

    Our habits have changed our diet, and our consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fish has dramatically decreased, whilst the consumption of red meat, cheese, animal fat, and junk food has increased. All these changes have a negative impact on your body, immune system as well as on your disposition to diseases.

    At Fitnessweek we can deal with problems such as:






    •Food allergies

    •Gastrointestinal disorders

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    Elderly People

    Older people usually eat less in fear of gaining extra weight. This results in getting fewer nutrients and thus energy. At FitnessWeek we will accompany you with a specially designed nutritional program, in order to provide your organism with all the nutrients that can be properly digested by the body of an older person.

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    Food Supplements

    With a high sense of responsibility and a unique attention towards the health of athletes, all the nutritional supplements we provide our athletes, are tested and approved, Furthermore, those are composed of the most natural ingredients.

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    Body Composition Analysis

    It is a modern non-invasive method of determining body fat (total and visceral), muscle mass, total fluid as well as bone mass and metabolic age.  The measurement is made using the Bioelectric Conductivity Method (BIA) based on the fact that the body tissues are conducting the electric current. This analysis helps to better understand the impact of the diet so that we can achieve the ultimate goal for each person.

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    Basic Metabolic Rate Measurement -BMR

    The basic metabolic rate -at rest- represents the calories consumed by the body to perform a variety of vital functions such as breathing, cerebral function, and heart rate.It is affected by various factors such as body composition (fat-muscle tissue), age and gender. Determining it via a powder meter (indirect calorimetry) determines the metabolic rate through the calculation of the oxygen consumed and is one of the most modern and accurate BMR calculations.